So, last weekend on a trip down to the Home Depot to get plants for our yard, I somehow ended up in the paint section. Yes, I clearly wandered off…indoors. Anyway, I was looking at the spray paints, of course, and spotted this color I had never noticed in the past.  I quickly grabbed three cans of the stuff and justified to my husband why I needed all of them. He has learned to really not even ask questions anymore, actually. He knows that once I get home, transformations will take place.

This morning I woke up and decided I was going to give our two old patio chairs a little makeover.

Well, I only got one chair done, as it was cold and windy and as you know, those are not great spray painting conditions! I wanted to go ahead and post what I was able to get done, however. This paint color is my new obsession! And once these chairs are painted, they’ll be getting some new cushions too. Stay tuned!