So, awhile back, I saw on a blog or Pinterest (I really can’t recall) these super inexpensive wall mount bookshelves. The secret?  They aren’t really bookshelves! They are spice racks from Ikea.

And priced at $3.99 each, they are a perfect solution while trying to stay within a budget.

I loved the look of the Pottery Barn wall mounted shelf, but it was just too pricey.

So, my sweet friend, Angela, bought them for me when she was up visiting from Tampa…thanks, Ang! At first, I had painted them a light cream color and distressed them a bit so they would be muted and subtle on the light wall in my son’s room. Oh, sorry about the overspray of green paint that this one (I hadn’t done a before shot yet!) caught. You get the idea of the original paint job, though, right?

However, just last week, I decided for whatever reason that they were now boring  me. By the way, just ask my husband…this sort of decorative epiphany is a regular occurence in our household. Like I said…he’s patient! I decided they needed to pop on the wall now and that they needed to be a fun color. My son’s room is neutral (Benjamin Moore Ballet White) with pops of color here and there in the accessories, so I was left with many options for color. I picked this fun green color by Krylon. I love this paint, by the way. The primer and paint in one can is such a time saver and when you are painting in between naps, that really helps a mama out!

So, a couple coats of paint and a fairly quick drying time later, they were back up on the wall and the books were thanking me! They were feeling much more stylish now.

I’m happier, the books are happier and there ya have it. It’s just another spray painting fairytale ending!