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So as sure as the sun will shine, the pillows in our home will be switched out.  I definitely have committment issues when it comes to the decor of my home. It is always changing. What can I say? I get bored easily. So, it always makes me cringe to spend a lot of money on beautiful fabrics for throw pillows. We have dogs and a toddler and with that, I needn’t say more.

I am always inspired by many beautiful patterns on the fabrics I see, whether they be on a bolt in a fabric store, a tablecoth, beautiful draperies or even on placemats.  There are so many amazing fabrics and of course, you can’t have them all. Well, I guess you could, but your home might look like a hot mess.

I’m not sure how many of you have a Cost Plus World Market in your city, but I love this place! They have a little bit of everything.  So, on Mother’s Day when my husband let me have my pick of where to go after brunch, I picked World Market! They have the most colorful selection of textiles and I always love to see the new patterns they have in the store.

I saw these placemats and knew I had to have them. Why? They have turquoise in them…duh.

ImageHowever, I didn’t want them to get all dirty at the table!  No! I wanted them to become pillows! I recently had two cushions reupholstered in our living room and I have been wanting to get lumbar pillows for the chairs. However, a girl is on a budget. So, at $3.49 each (on sale, of course), I picked up one placemat to see if I could turn it into a pillow. Well, I’m happy to report, it worked! And the total cost of this project? $6!

Here’s how I turned this placemat into a lumbar pillow!

First I used a stitch picker…and honestly, I don’t sew, so I have no idea what the proper name for this little tool is, but stitch picker works.


I gently picked the stitch apart on the corner of the placemat. I just wanted the hole to be large enough so I could fit part of my hand in it to push the poly-fil into the pillow.


Then, I started stuffing the placemat! I started by pushing it into each corner and worked my way towards the middle. Nothing worse than dog-eared pillows! When you are working with the poly-fil, you have to pull it apart some before you stuff it into the pillow cover or in this case, placemat. Otherwise, you will end up with an uneven and lumpy pillow and who wants that?!  Yuck.

This placemat took one bag of poly-fil. It can be picked up at any craft or fabric store for about $3.

Once I was done, I pulled the piece back together and stitched it with liquid stitch. Oh wait!  No, I didn’t…ugh! Why?  Because it never fails!  I think I have whatever I need and I go to use it and it’s not there. The craft burglar obviously stole it from my basement. So, for this picture, I just pulled it together and you still get the effect. If you can’t sew like me, liquid stitch is the way to go. I mean, sure, I could probably sew a few stitches to put this placemat back together, but by the time I found the thread, threaded the needle,  and got frustrated, the liquid stitch would have dried. And so, that’s why I do things the lazy way. 🙂 So, what does this mean? I will always be on the lookout for pretty placemats and my decor committment issue now has a solution that my husband will really appreciate.