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I recently saw this chevron cork board on Pinterest and knew I had to have one. I didn’t plan on paying for one, though. I knew I could attempt this project!

So, I headed on down to Walmart this morning, bought a pack of these cork board tiles and a roll of painter’s tape. And yes, that is my little reflection in the plastic!

I already had the acrylic paint and I had many different colors, but I decided to go with the Robin’s Egg Blue.

I started in the center and measured evenly with the tape as my guide, working my way towards the outside of the tiles. And then, I painted in between the lines.  When I started this project tonight, the lights were on…normal, right?  Well, then came the almighty hail storm, followed by a 2 hour power outage. But, I wasn’t going to let that keep me down!

Painting in the dark, which is much like Dancing in the Dark, but not as fun.

You can see the sad working conditions I was forced to deal with and when you see the end product, you will understand why it didn’t turn out just how I had imagined!

I let the paint dry, which didn’t take long at all because the cork sucks it up fast. Then, I peeled the tape off and had a completed tile. I repeated this process three more times and then put all the corkboards together. As you can see, there is one board that doesn’t add up. Darn it! Not too shabby for painting in the dark, though, right? Once I cover it up with all of my random clippings, nobody will ever notice!