Yesterday was a very successful day at Goodwill! I love it when I leave with a full cart. It’s always hit or miss and yesterday was definitely a hit. I will be posting the transformations within the next week or so, as I get them done, but this is the first one and I’m excited about it.

I spotted this old calendar holder and as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. So, I quickly grabbed it and threw it in the cart!

First things first..let’s remove this raffia bow.  Trash, please!  Next, I removed the center board from the frame. Ok, time to sand and paint. I quickly sanded the frame and spray painted it white. Sorry, no picture of those two steps, but if you close your eyes and use your clever imaginations, I bet you can picture how it went down.

Well done…it’s white!  See how easy that was, friends?

OK, moving on…  There is much to do, so I can’t sit around and watch the paint dry!  Next, I needed to cover the board with cork, so that this calendar holder could become a cork board.

I rolled out the cork and laid the board on top of it. I was prepared to use the razor blade, but the scissors worked just fine.  I cut the cork to fit the board…easy enough.

I used spray adhesive to attach the cork to the board by spraying one coat on the cork and one on the board. It attached very quickly.  I tried to adjust it slightly and it ripped the cork!  No big woop, though since I was going to cover it with burlap.


Time to cover this with burlap!  I laid the cork board down on the burlap and cut enough to cover it and also to fold around the back.  I attached the burlap to the board using the spray adhesive again.

OK, let’s get back to the frame now.  When I saw this calendar holder at Goodwill and had the vision of what it would become, I knew I wanted it to look very shabby chic  rustic. I applied Minwax dark walnut stain with a cloth and gave it a nice, heavy coat. Once it was dry, I busted out the power sander (Christmas gift this year from my hubs)!  I love using that thing.  I feel so empowered!  I would have taken pics of all this action, but it was impossible with stain covered gloves and a power sander in my hands.  Again, time to use your clever imaginations. I sanded it for awhile because I wanted it to look very old and as if most of the paint had been rubbed away.

Ok, it’s rustic.  And, now the final step…  I had to reattach the board to the frame.  What did this require? A hammer and nails…duh.  So, I nailed one nail in each corner until it was attached.

And once that was done, what did we have? A new/old rustic cork board!