Like all good Southern girls (well, by way of Florida, Mississippi and now Georgia), I love cute stationary!  And more importantly, I love cute thank you notes.  Typically, I use our embossed/personalized stationary for more formal thank you notes and our personalized note cards for quick notes to friends or family.

In a world of emailing and texting, many people rarely take the time to write a thank you note for a gift they received or for being a guest in someone’s home. I think a lot of people are just intimidated by the thought of sitting down to write the “perfect” note. Just remember that sending an imperfect note that expresses genuine gratitude is far better than the perfect note that was never written.  OK, enough of my unsolicited advice!  Let’s move on to the cute stuff!

While recently wandering through TJ Maxx, I spotted these super cute thank you cards.  There were ten in the box for $4.99.  I didn’t need them, as I already have plenty of other boxes of miscellaneous thank you notes, but I just loved these and wanted to share!  They normally retail for $10 for 10 cards.  Sorry for the not so great pic!

So, I took a picture of the back of the box so I could check out the site later.  As it turns out, they have quite a cute selection in all different styles.  I really loved these and thought the whale and Lab styles, in particular, would be super cute for a little boy! They also had a fleur-di-lis style, which I loved, of course (hello…check out my logo), but I held off!  Check out Graphique Boutique friends!  Cute stuff!

From their La Petite Collection…

From their Keep Calm Collection…

So, now that you’ve found a place for really stylish stationary, it should be a great excuse for you to sit down and write your imperfect note!

Have a great week, everyone!