I know I am! For what, you ask?  Football season, of course. T minus two weeks from tomorrow will mark the start of the 2012 college football season.  While I’m definitely partial to my alma mater, Ole Miss, I really just enjoy watching any game. Well, more like any SEC game.

As an Ole Miss fan, I must admit that we don’t win too many games. However, at Ole Miss, it really isn’t all about winning.

It’s about The Grove and all of the sensory experiences. The Grove at Ole Miss is a place any loyal football fan should visit at least once in his or her lifetime.  And I’m not just saying this because I love Ole Miss.  I promise. Not only has it been ranked the number one tailgating school in the country several times by the NY Times, Southern Living, and Tailgater among others, but if you love pretty decorations and good food as much as I do, it’s the perfect setting for you to enjoy a little pregame fun.

If you like pretty chandeliers…

{via Pinterest}

Damask curtains…

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Fabulous centerpieces…

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Or just a sea of red and blue…


You’re in luck.  The Grove has something for everyone and everyone leaves with something.  There’s no other place quite like it.

In my own home, I have a wall dedicated to Ole Miss.  I’m not sure how my husband feels about it since he’s a Gator, but it hasn’t been torn down…yet!  I also even managed to sneak in a little monogrammed pillow in Ole Miss colors.

How do you incorporate your alma mater or favorite team into your home?

And so, I’ll leave you with this my friends…