Many of us have seen the trend over the past couple of years of antlers or animal head mounts being used in home decor.

I have loved this look ever since my trip to South America.  While having drinks in the fabulous La Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires, I fell in love with the decor of the decadent library bar.

We sat right there on that sexy red velvet couch and I was thinking, “I’m definitely going to somehow bring a piece of this place back home with me.”

Well, while I loved the sexy red velvet couch and all, it doesn’t really fit my home decor style. No, my house isn’t decorated like a bordello. I know..shocker! I also loved the bathroom at this hotel bar. Take a look at these faucets!

Aren’t they awesome? And the wall to wall marble was divine. But, considering one of those faucets probably cost a small fortune and the fact that I like swans, but I’d rather just see them while visting the Boston Public Gardens, I decided to leave that trend at La Faena too. But, the deer mounts was something I was digging and  I knew it would be feasible.  No, I wasn’t going to yank their mounts off the wall!  I mean, seriously…customs, people!

Having a father who hunts, I knew I could defintely get my hands on a deer mount.  However, that wasn’t really what I wanted.  And then the trend began…  I began seeing the white mounts in all of my favorite home decor magazines and all over the blog world.  I really wanted to splurge, but I couldn’t justify spending close to $200 for a white mount that I would likely grow sick of at some point (because I’m fickle like that).

And then one day about a month or so ago, I was in Hobby Lobby picking up supplies and decided to just walk down the clearance aisle.  And would you look what I found!

And it was only $39!  Come on Mr. Antelope…you’re about to get a lil’ paint job.  So, I brought him home and quickly sprayed him with glossy white spray paint (Krylon primer and paint in one, of course).

Looking better, right?  Well, after two coats, this beauty was ready to be hung on the wall!

So, I hung it right above my red velvet couch!  No, no…I hung it right above my Craigslist settee.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I brought that little snippet of my South American trip back home with me.  It didn’t involve stealing, lying or anything else illegal!